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A New Level of Endpoint Protection Security

At Loch Harbour, we feel we are well protected since all our endpoint devices are running two well-known and highly-regarded AV products. We decided to also test and install OnSystem Logic’s (OSL) Defender next to our existing AV about 3 months ago. Within one week of this implementation, OSL Defender discovered a previously unseen behavior in one of our machine’s Outlook processes. OSL Defender immediately shut down the affected Outlook process. What OSL discovered was a previously unknown (0-day) vulnerability in Outlook’s dynamic memory usage, which OSL reported to Microsoft for remediation. Microsoft acknowledged the problem, indicated they would be issuing a patch to correct it and asked OSL not to externally publish the details of the problem. The end result of this discovery resulted in the prevention of the malware from executing and completely localized the issue without any data loss or malware penetration.

We highly recommend OnSystem Defender for any enterprise wishing to maintain the highest level of security for their enterprise. We have since agreed to introduce the software to our Government clients and become a distributor for OSL based on their stellar performance in our shop.

According to Michael Heffner, Senior Vice President for Business Development and CTO, “OnSystem Defender provides friction-free endpoint protection that other solutions are not designed to achieve. Other antivirus tools focus on reactive measures, all of which can be bypassed or disabled by modern malware. OnSystem Defender provides a new level of protection by looking at the dynamic operations of all Windows software installed in our environment, including our own homegrown software. We have found no other product that provides this level of protection.”

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