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OnSystem Defender Uniquely Stops Malware Attacks

As a CTO for a Health Services Company I need to run my business in a very regulated environment which requires strong cybersecurity protections. Because of my 30 year professional experience in technical and leadership positions, I find myself constantly searching for ways to make my company’s infrastructure as secure and as reliable as possible. A secure environment is something my business partners expect and which, by definition, needs to include state of the art defenses against all malware attacks.

As my team examined current cybersecurity antivirus software we realized that these products performed very well in defending against many previously seen attacks. However, we had never found another product that could protect us against dynamic attacks, was unbypassable by new malware occurrences or could protect our environment from zero-day attacks. After testing OnSystem Defender we realized that this product was uniquely capable of stopping new malware attacks which no other competing product in the marketplace could.

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