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OnSystem Logic Launches Program for Innovators to Address The Fatal Missing Ingredient in Defending Systems from Malware Attacks

OnSystem Logic (“OSL”) Invites MSP/MSSPs, Software Developers and others to join the Product Evaluation Program (“PEP”) for OnSystem Defender, its High Assurance Application Hardening and Monitoring Solution for Endpoints.

Ever increasing investment in cybersecurity has not slowed the success of bad actors delivering attacks targeting applications on endpoints via memory corruption. Current endpoint security defenses are built around observation and potential enforcement of visible operations OUTSIDE of the applications themselves; but the most successful attacks, including ransomware, data theft, data modifications, endpoint software compromises and data destruction, run inside known applications or benign looking applications without timely recognition by current endpoint security products. Turns out, relying entirely on signatures or known “bad” behaviors, or AI-based equivalents, doesn’t solve this costly persistent problem.

OSL’s OnSystem Defender solution is purpose built to address this challenge and to solve the malware menace by helping you in six ways.

  • OnSystem Defender’s patent pending In-Memory Application Reference Monitor is designed to be tamper proof — even if a malware writer knows we’re protecting your systems, we stop them from bypassing our defenses.
  • We protect all Windows applications against malware attacks via unpatched, unpatchable, engineered back doors including software supply chain, and application security flaws while delivering application access control.
  • We monitor your systems and alert you if we see any attempts by malware to penetrate your enterprise (or automatically stop the attack before it does any damage, depending on customer settings). We save your team from spending innumerable hours chasing down false positive or false negative attempts.
  • We work next to your existing defenses and you do not need to change any of the existing protections you have deployed. If you wish to save costs we can work with you to further reduce the TCO of your investments after you have been assured of the extra value we provide.
  • We work seamlessly and you will experience no performance penalty running our software.
  • We protect your systems from all dynamic memory attacks that have NEVER been seen before. We are your best Zero day defense.

OnSystem Defender defends via a method built upon a unique hypothesis — the best way to protect your systems from malware is to know the applications and code running on your systems, then to identify as early as possible and stop all other code attempting to run; and do it without adversely affecting your systems. Active monitoring of events is done by OSL or by you.

Experience the enterprise system equivalent of the Apple Watch’s individual health monitors. OnSystem Defender’s mission is to comprehensibly and extensibly monitor every application running on your endpoints’ applications, not unlike Apple Watch’s health monitoring of individuals.

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), OSL sells OnSystem Defender in a direct, standalone fashion or incorporates into other MSSP or MSP services.

OSL seeks innovative organizations tired of the types of in-memory attacks that are doing harm, organizations ready to think differently and willing to put OnSystem Defender to the test — widely and thoroughly.

Does your organization want to defend successfully against these attacks?

Sign up to evaluate OnSystem Defender, and to identify and recommend enhancements as OSL continues to validate its efforts.

Participants in OSL’s “PEP” initiative gain immediate access to OnSystem Defender’s security benefits at “no cost” for the evaluation period; participants will be required to deploy the cloud-based solution on a viable number of endpoints and provide specific, scheduled feedback along with enhancement recommendations. Importantly, participants will see immediate benefits from OnSystem Defender’s already learned capabilities.