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Bret Hartman, Former Cisco Security Business Group CTO, To Join as Senior Advisor

Bret Hartman, Former Cisco Security Business Group CTO, To Join as Senior Advisor

Baltimore, MD — May 4, 2022, OnSystem Logic Welcomes Bret Hartman as a Senior Advisor to the company. Bret is joining the OnSystem Logic leadership team to provide his expertise on technical go-to-market strategy and product messaging, and to introduce potential customers and partners to OnSystem Logic’s innovative application hardening, endpoint security product – OnSystem Defender.

Founded by expert cybersecurity veteran, TJ Tajalli, OnSystem Logic is a fast-growing security software start-up in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. The OnSystem Logic team developed OnSystem Defender, a best-in-class standalone application security product designed with industry-leading reverse engineering protection. The unique approach, technology, and product offers companies the best available protection against harmful malware and application flaws. Applications are now the new perimeter and have become the last frontier in malware protection, which is where all current endpoint security and Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) products are routinely turned off or otherwise bypassed by attackers. OnSystem Logic’s patent-pending In-Memory Application Reference Monitor is designed to be tamper-proof to the highest levels of reverse engineering methods known to date.

“We are excited to have Bret join us to bring OnSystem Defender to all types of enterprises and organizations and to software developers everywhere, and to lend his technical and industry knowledge to our endeavor,” said Mr. Tajalli.

Bret Hartman, currently a Lecturer at California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly), was previously CTO for the Security Business Group of Cisco. In addition, he served as CTO for RSA, the Security Division of EMC, among other technical security leadership roles. Bret is a seasoned C-level executive with decades of combined deep technical cybersecurity, product management, and go-to-market experience. For more regarding Mr. Hartman’s stellar career, visit his LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/bret-hartman-6313a/

“I am happy,” said Mr. Hartman, “and eager to work with the team at OnSystem Logic to introduce their innovative solution to a worldwide problem – the challenge of cybersecurity software and services to quell the continuing rise in malware attacks. Virtually every malware hides in one or more applications on endpoints and moves from system to system. Unlike other endpoint security solutions, OnSystem Defender detects and stops hidden malware regardless of how it got into an application (0-day, unpatched, supply chain attack, etc.) or how it changes its behavior inside of an application. Enterprises and software developers across the globe will be impressed to discover OnSystem Logic’s unique solution to this large and growing problem, especially given the current state of threats to today’s global supply chain and critical infrastructure.”

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