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Sisyphus* had it rough, but CISOs may have it worse

However, protecting environments from malware just got easier, thanks to OnSystem Logic.

Greg Crandall, Partner, Query Consulting Group, LLC

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Every year organizations everywhere, including the world’s most sophisticated companies, increase their investments in the best firewalls, industry-leading antivirus software, strong cybersecurity education programs, and top cyber talent, all to create robust defense policies and monitor their infrastructures. Yet these companies constantly experience intrusion events attributed to malware that compromise their reputations and threaten their business models. How is this possible?

There’s a new sheriff in town.

Fortunately, OnSystem Logic (www.onsystemlogic.com) has brought to market the only product I have come across that is explicitly designed to STOP this rapidly growing class of malware attacks. They say it wasn’t easy to do. Turns out it took a lot of work to solve the problem. But, because a program’s memory is currently the largest vulnerability that AV companies have not yet been able to protect in real-time with their existing AV offerings, the problem HAD TO BE SOLVED!

OnSystem Logic focused on stopping malware attacks driven by dynamic code execution.

Creation of dynamic code is only visible from inside an application. OnSystem Logic’s patent-pending “Application Reference Monitor” operates inside EVERY Windows application and monitors all software, including browsers and company proprietary applications (with other OS’s coming soon).

Because many legitimate applications create dynamic code, OnSystem Logic built a blueprint of legitimate dynamic code behavior(s) for every Windows application running in their customers’ environments. Their “Application Reference Monitor” constantly shields all applications and protects itself, as well, so it CAN NEVER BE TURNED OFF by any malware or be BYPASSED. It STOPS dynamic malware from executing in all applications in real-time, every time. So, I hope you will visit OnSystem Logic to see for yourself how you can move to eliminate your organization’s “malicious dynamic code” BLIND SPOT.

Read The Full Article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sisyphus-had-rough-cisos-may-have-worse-greg-crandall/