OnSystem Defender

OnSystem Defender is Designed to be Non-Bypassable Application Security and your Enterprise’s Best Defense Against Application Security Flaws and Threats

OnSytem Defender

The last frontier in malware protection is the application, where ALL current endpoint security products are routinely turned off or otherwise bypassed by attackers. Our patent pending In-Memory Application Reference Monitor is designed to be tamper proof to the highest levels known.

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OnSystem Defender Benefits

Non-Bypassable Design

Unlike traditional and new generation antivirus/antimalware products OnSystem Defender is designed so it cannot be circumvented.

Support All Users

Simultaneously supports your mobile workforce, on-premise users and enterprise servers.

Stronger Security

Significantly reduces the risk profile and risk score of your enterprise

Defend Zero-Day Attacks

OnSystem Defender protects your Enterprise from Zero-Day attacks.

Adds Security Layer

Provides a true additional layer of application security on top of your existing antivirus software solution.

Reduce App Patching

Significantly reduces the need for immediate application patching consequently reducing the costs of traditional patching.

Ease of Use

For your security department with a 30 minute installation process as well as your users.

Lives in Harmony

With your current defenses.

Today, We Protect ALL Windows Applications

OnSystem Defender for your Enterprise