OnSystem Defender is your Enterprise’s best defense against Application security flaws and threats

Cyber Security is a large and growing concern:

  • 63% of IT security professionals say frequency of attacks have increased in the last year.*
  • 52% of respondents say cyber attacks cannot be stopped.*
  • Current anti virus products only block 43% of attacks.*
  • 64 % of respondents say they have experienced one or more end point attacks.*
  • Cost of a successful cyber attack has increased on average from $5 million to $7.1 million.*
  • Successful breaches increased from 30% in 2017 to 35% in 2018.*
  • Symantec Security reports that power shell attacks increased by 1000% in 2018.*
  • Total Recorded Vulnerabilities in 2018 exceeded 140,000 according to X-Force Red.

*Data from CSO June 10, 2019

How does malware get in the system?

  • Through unpatched, unknown (0-day), and known but unpatchable flaws.
  • Through a benign-appearing executable run on the system.
  • Through social engineering means.
  • Through hidden backdoors including attacks on the software supply chain.

What can OnSystem Defender do for you?

  • Stop ALL of the above. We can defend all applications in your environment.
  • Use your AV software for static-code malware and we’ll stop the dynamic-code malware.

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