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EdTech Startups and the Future of Education

Webinar: EdTech Startups and the Future of Education

Join Campus Consortium EdTech Think Tank Webinar Series as we present 5 innovative EdTech startup founders and leaders as they describe how education is changing and how they enable and support transformation. Featuring: Jim Mazarakis, COO, OnSystem Logic

Wednesday 22 , 2023, 2:00 P.M – 3:00 P.M ET

Webinar Summary

Education Technology (EdTech) applies to all aspects of educational institutions from teaching and learning tools, practices and methods to administrative services and support. Today education depends on EdTech to create interactive, engaging, and individualized learning experiences for students. EdTech companies improve student outcomes, enhance their learning abilities, and empower faculty. EdTech founders, developers, and technology startups serve the global education community by providing access to innovation, flexibility, and affordability. Edtech startups will transform and advance educational institutions of the future.