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Webinar Event: Best Way to Prevent Cyber Attacks and Reduce Alert Fatigue


Every year companies experience more penetrations, damaging cyberattacks, exposure of personal confidential information, data losses, ransomware, and phishing attacks. And the tools that were built and deployed to help companies block malware access, monitor systems and hunt for threats have proven either bypassable or sources of fatigue and frustration to the SOC teams we empower to protect us by generating thousands of alerts that need to be researched.

So many seeming threats appear inside our networks that security teams are “overwhelmed by the volume of threat alerts” (source: EMA). And with the bypassability of nearly all AV/EPP solutions SOC teams find themselves chasing false positives in the midst of the crowd noise generated by these systems, systems that were meant to help but now provide cover to malware that finds refuge inside applications where no leading AV/EPP solution goes.

Join us to learn how to greatly reduce the challenges confronting SOC teams and vastly reduce alert noise and fatigue while gaining awareness of the damage malware does by bypassing current AV/EPP solutions.